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  • Maria

    “Life May End”

    Maria has now lost her battle with Leukemia, and so she goes to the heavens to be with the Lord.  As a servant, and an Angel to watch over us and her beloved family.  Maria may have lost the battle she fought for almost a year, …

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  • Maria

    Fund Raiser for a Very Special Lady and Friend

    Help us help a very close Friend and Fellow ITEX Franchise Owner/Broker Friday, June 13 at 5:30pm – 8:30pm St Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church 3450 Irving Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408 HOME MADE SPAGHETTI DINNER FUNDRAISER FOR MARIA DOMEK IN HER FIGHT AGAINST LEUKEMIA This …

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  • Pink Ribbon Pledge

    “Big Tears Little Hearts” New Chapter

    I was watching a favorite movie of mine, and it brought back memories of when I was a little girl, so many things about this movie reminded me of myself and the love and passion I have for horses.  Some of my all time favorite …

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  • Cancersupport

    “Big Tears Little Hearts” New Chapter- “Quit Living in others Past”

    Growing up in a dysfunctional family environment, and who has not?  I did learn a thing or two.  Not to copy or duplicate my parents in some of their ways or thinking.  I learned that “words” are as painful or joyful and physical contact.  I …

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  • Ladies Enjoying A Great Lunch. Girl Talk1

    “How Should I Act?”

    In a recent episode of a family completely broken apart, critics from all parts of the country were weighing in on their opinions on what they felt was acceptable or not acceptable behavior of a victim caught in the middle of a major crime and …

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  • Need Sponsors/Advertisers

    We can not accomplish our mission on this blog site unless we can get sponsors and advertisers.  Please help us help others and keep this blog going.  We reach thousands of people and anyone who advertises or becomes one of our sponsors will get great …

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  • Macie Lepard Suit

    “National Prevention of Child Abuse Month”

    April is the Official  Prevention of Child Abuse Month, in honor of that, we want to remind all parents and anyone who cares about our children,  it is our (yours and mine) responsibility to not only refrain from ever verbally or physically abuse any one …

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  • Children

    “Big Hearts Little Tears” Discipline-When is it not Enough

    Here is a topic that I hope reaches many. No it does not deal with terminal illness directly, however if not treated can turn into a future Serial killer! Like so many cases where if something is not caught Identified and treated can lead to …

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  • Philis S. 1997

    Show US Real Beauty!

    We are getting ready to kick off our “Naturally Beautiful” Photo Contest on our site, if you have anyone who would like to enter, have them register on the blog-site, and I will get in contact with them and get them entered. In honor …

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  • Philis S. 1996

    “Big Hearts Little Tears” Why?

    My Blog is and always will be a dedication to truth, honesty and for all women to be liberated and no longer suppressed in their visions, their dreams, their goals or their opinions. Many women still today find it very hard to not only be …

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