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  • Groceries

    The Skinny on being skinny

    For years I use to struggle with maintaining my weight, learning all kinds of tricks and trying new ideas. One of the best idea that actually works is drinking lemon water. When I was actively performing in my Show Band, Rumble Seat, in order to …

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  • Philis S. 1996

    Where Are We Headed?

    Since my last post in October, so much has transpired that my head just keeps spinning, and finding one particular topic to write about is tough.  With so much press about Women being abused in many ways, and now so much emphasis on Gun Violence, …

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  • Itsonus

    Politically Incorrect? It’s On Us! Domestic Violence Awareness & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

      Rant and Roll! For Mature Readers Only!!!  As most know, I am a published writer by trade, My writing is like therapy, and in past times has provided a great way for me to express my thoughts and opinions. It has been a path …

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  • 1996 Chris Philis

    “Let The Games Begin”

    Another Presidential Election is underway, and we as Americans are once again faced with making the choice of who shall take the helm and direct our path to another adventure for four years.  In deciding who we choose, we must first figure out which part …

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  • Itsonus

    It’s On Us

    I just joined this movement, how about you?  We must stop this from happening to anyone, no one person is exempt to this and it is time awareness and admission take actions to stop it.  I too, am a victim of RAPE, I was kidnapped …

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  • Never Regret

    “What Terminal Illness and Aging Have In Common”

    Oh to be young, full of energy desires wishes dreams and the impatience of wanting to be older.  It isn’t until we start growing older that we realize all the wishes dreams and desires have now started to vanish and depression sets in.  We find that …

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  • Philis S. 1997

    “If I Were President” Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016

    I have several areas I would like to see improve in 2016, some are take the words like offended, racists, bias, discriminate, Cancer and hate out of our vocabularies, encourage more equality, fairness, love and respect for all mankind, and stop the stupid protests that …

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  • Pink Ribbon

    “Two Important Causes are recognized in October”

    My Blog is dedicated to the physical and mental health of all women.  October is the month dedicated to the Awareness of both Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence.  As Founder of this blog and Supporter of Both Causes, I strongly advise we all take time to …

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  • Bob Marley

    “Suicide is Painless, Is it?” Chapter 10 of “Big Tears Little Hearts”

    Last week a very close friend lost her son.  Losing a child is the most traumatic pain a parent can suffer.  The laws of life and order are that children are part of our legacy, and are to continue way beyond their parent’s lives.   I …

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  • Cancersupport

    “Are we back in the 60’s & 70’s?”

    The Ferguson Protests A young man is dead, and unrest has dealt this small community a hellish nightmare.  Instead of asking for support and justice for a fair hearing of the crime at hand, a town is now burnt, broken and totally divided.  Is this …

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